Sunday, May 17, 2009
I was at uni for 10 hours today cbf big time. But I finished my essay with exactly 10% over the word limit... So I don't know if I will be able to cut it down or if I'm just going to hand it in. I think when you're over the word limit by a little bit... it's actually better than cutting down and missing out on some important shizzit.

Anyway. Boring boring uni.

After I finished my work I had to wait for Jingi to finish his stuff so I watched final episode of Gossip Girl and OMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW SWEET CHUCK IS?!?!?!?! AND HOW HOT NATE IS???? AND HOW LUCKY BLAIR IS!!!! I wish I had two guys who loved me to bits like that!!!

Ok so the other night Jingi got pulled over by the most dickheadest cop ever. And got slapped with a $400 fine for driving a prohibited v6 engine car. But I swear on my grandfather's grave that JINGI DID NOT KNOW. We thought it was just turbo cars that weren't allowed to be driven by p-platers. And the cop goes "Bullshit you didn't know, it's on the RTA website."

Well ladifuckingda. You know? Like the law changes every fucking day and more and more shit is classified illegal now. We can't keep up to date y'know? Like who the fuck checks that site to make sure the car that they're planning to buy isn't prohibited. Furthermore... In Year12 Legal Studies I am pretty sure we learnt about actus reus and mens reus. (Which is that for someone to break the law, they have to KNOW about the law and then commit the crime). And that's pretty BS because we didn't know it was a prohibited vehicle.

AND he's been pulled over like heaps of times in that car for RBT and they check his license and see his Y condition and let him drive off without fining him for shit. So if its such a big deal, then why didn't any cops fine him? I'm pretty sure that act ALONE suggests that they acknowledge that it's not a big deal and he can drive safely.

It is the stupidest law. Like maybe young drivers are the most dangerous. But as soon as they get their gold license they are going to be getting twin turbo cars and because they've been driving for so long already, they will be so effing cocky and will think they are all formula 1 drivers and just tear up the roads. And then the statistics will be worse. WAIT AND SEE!!! At least if kids get turbo cars at age 17 when they're just learning to drive... they will be more scared and less confident cause they've just started. Trust me I know this psychology shit....... Hahaha.


I hope I get arrested one day. I hope one day I do some really crazy shit like write a book about the police or like do a major crack down on corrupt police. And it will be in the news and like 50% of the police force will have evidence against them for being CORRUPT PIGS. That will actually be a major life achievement for me.

FB quiz says I am a defender of justice apparently. So hopefully that's true and one day I can bring some justice to these dim wits. It is just pathetic how we all (except for the very rich) live at the whim of these retards.

My bad for doing so many posts on cops. But like once I start ranting about them I could go on forever because that's how much I hate them. And you know what else is ridiculous? They said we couldn't drive and we had to call someone who a) knew how to drive manual and b) has their gold license. And then LEFT US ON THE FUCKING HIGHWAY. Aren't they meant to protect us? Jingi had to call people for like 1.5 hours to find someone who was on their gold license who knew how to drive manually.

So that made it pretty fucking obvious that the cops could not give a second shit about how two young kids were going to go home. All they really cared about was fucking over an asian guy with a good car. That's fuckkkkkkked.