Monday, May 04, 2009
I was craving sausage hot pot (the korean ones) all day today and after I nagged and nagged and nagged Jingi... he agreed to eat it with me at Eastwood at like 9pm hehe. It took me that long to nag him!!!!

And the food wasn't that yum sigh. And cost $5 more than City as well. Then when he went to pay... the lady goes "minimum $40 for Eftpos"!! ARGH?!?!?! I have NEVER heard of such a high minimum before. So we bought a can of VB for an extra $5 just to be able to get to that stupid minimum.... only to throw the can out as soon as we left the restaurant. Waste!

Ok ;) So I told him I'll take him to Harry's Singapore Chilli Crab on Elizabeth St this weekend or maybe Friday after work. Woohoo! Yum. Allergies!!

But yeah. I was at Jingi's house tonight watching Masterchef and I realised... I SHOULD BE ON THAT SHOW. I should be the food critic!! Because all I think about is food, seriously. Like everyone says they love food. BUT I FUCKING LOVE FOOD THE MOST. You have no idea how disfunctional I become if I don't eat. It is crazy.

One more thing before I go to sleep for my 9am start tomorrow *sigh, Use extra virgin olive oil to wash your face!!! I am serious. That stuff works wonders. I like put it in my hair as treatment and I've been doing that for a couple of months and my hair has become so much softer and shinier - less flyaways etc etc. I also rub it all on my face and my eyelashes and then wipe it off with tissue and it removes make up better than any make up remover I've ever used. Then a little bit of cetaphil and toner and off to sleep.


Ok but once I put olive oil in my hair and I did a really bad rinse and I was so tired... So I just went to sleep and I woke up the next day and had no time to wash my hair again and I had to go to uni with the oiliest hair! :( I just had it tied up but I still smelled like a salad... And when Jingi saw me that afternoon he would not stop teasing me. And told everyone.

But that night after I washed it, I had pantene pro-v hair without the dangers of silicone. AMAZING :)