Sunday, May 17, 2009
Lol ok I was talking to my friend and he just told me this funny story.

He was at Star City once and he stayed there all night until the sun was rising. And he saw this guy on the pokies machine who had won the jackpot (like $2000 or something) and the guy didn't even know he had won it because........ HE FELL ASLEEP!

Saturday -
I went to fricking uni by bus with my laptop and it sucked so much. Because 393 bus was full so I had to stand and my back nearly broke from carrying my textbooks and my 2.9kg laptop. Then I get off the bus (at Anzac Pde) and realise I have to walk all the way up to the library lolololol. Awful. Met up with Jingi, who was at Uni too, at about 6pm and we went to eat dinner at Maccas lol ;D

Also watched Episode 24 of Gossip Girl and omg it was the best episode in the world. Blair is so lucky.

Sunday -
I went to a driving range today for the second time in about 3 years haha. I'm still as crap as I was last time but yeah. So much fun. Hopefully one day I will be able to smack it over the 100metre mark. THAT IS MY GOAL.

Now is Monday morning 12:06am -
I am just sitting here looking at photos of other people. And realising that my hair is super boring. I have not cut it in like 5 months :S Welcome to Splitendsville. What can I do omg!!!!!! I want to do something to my hair but I just KNOW it will fuck up because it always does and never comes out the way I expect it to (e.g. Year9 when I asked for brown hair and it came out orange; Christopher Hanna where they did some shit to my hair and it cost like $400 and I didn't even like it and ended up dying it black 2 weeks later in my own toilet; when I asked for a long fringe and ended up with a short fobber fringe.)