Saturday, May 23, 2009
Lost $30 on the UFO machines at Capitol tonight :S Did not win one single thing, not even a key ring. *Siiiiiiigh

Then I lost my umbrella.

Watched the most recent episode of House which ends with HIM GOING TO A PSYCHIATRY HOSPITAL BECAUSE HE STARTS SEEING SHIT omg :( :( :( :( So freaking bad.

I have to go to uni tomorrow to do this stupid essay. My lecturer is the most lazy person in the world. Worst lecturer I've ever had. I handed in an essay at the beginning of semester and ALL SHE DID WAS TICK PARTS and write "Good reference. Good points. Good Good Good everything" and I get a CREDIT (???) Not to mention she wrote the exact same comments on my friend's assignment who also got a Credit.

So I sent her an email asking for clarification y'know, asking how I can improve for next time because her comments were very vague. To which she replied "Have a look at the UNSW essay guideline website and find out what you didn't do."

WELL DUH. Any specifics please?

Then I wanted to clarify an essay question and I asked which TIME period she would like me talk about and how in-depth I have to go in terms of explaining medical technology. And she wrote me a one line reply going "Which ever period will help you answer the question, and as much depth as you need to go in order to answer the question."

............. Seriously?

I have never had to write one bad CATI evaluation (yes I write one for every tutor/lecturer for every class every semester every year) but this semester. Unbelievable.