Wednesday, May 27, 2009
A neighbour, who is an islander, came by our house today to ask about a rabbit that was hopping around our front yard all day. He asked if we ate it LOL which is a pretty harsh thing to say.

After he leaves, my grandma starts going on about how black people are so uneducated and never achieve academically and how dare he come to our house and talk as if we're barbarians.

I told her she is no better than he is if she is going to say talk about outdated racial theories. Absolute rubbish.

And we were talking a little bit more. And she said that Japanese people are inherently EVIL because of what they did to the Chinese. I told her that the Chinese killed Japanese too, often in brutal ways. She said that isn't true and that western textbooks are telling lies about Chinese people, and that Chinese government and people are NOT ruthless.

So I asked her; what about the massacre at Tiananmen square?

Do you know what she said? She said that it didn't happen. The guards were there just to protect the protestors and that no one was killed.
- That is exactly what the Chinese government at the time published in the media to fabricate the story.

I love my grandma but I just can't agree with her for these things.