Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Omg I have done NO work since last week. :S At all! Today I finished uni at 11am and I was going to study :@ But Pat, Jingi and I just watched How I met your mother and GOSSIP GIRL new episode. Omg. Fail fail faiiiiiiiiiiillllllll

Study camp this weekend!!!!!

Plus I'm going to Melbourne in midyear break and I just want it to be the holidays already!! So sick of uni! Blegh.

But yeah. I HATE DAN in Gossip Girl he is such a snitch. Everything bad happens because he just can't keep his fricking mouth shut farrout. Spoilers alert. Why did he have to go and tell Lily's mum a) About the scam in the first place and then b) How Serena was at the Russian tea room about to act out her plot against Poppy! Ugh.....

What else.

That's it I think... I spent 3 hours trying to use Cheat engine for Restaurant City on FB at Jingi's house .... (INSTEAD OF STUDYING!) and it didn't even end up working. I'm pretty sure I downloaded heaps of viruses or questionable .exe files :( Woops.