Saturday, May 30, 2009
A practical joke is a) practical b) intended to make someone look stupid.

E.g. Putting glad wrap over the toilet bowl and then covering it up with the seat so that the next person who sits down and pees = nice surprise ;)

That is a practical joke.

Sisi ZHANGBANG is a pun!!

Last night, after we had finished work, it was freaking pouring to the bs. And Jingi didn't drive and I didn't bring an umbrella. Luckily for us Kirby offered us a lift since she was driving Tina home anyway. In the end we decided we would all go to Burwood and eat dinner before going home. So we went to Gesparos (omg I typed GESTAPO first hahaha. Idiot!) and all had pasta or risotto. SO SALTY OMG :( Didn't even finish my food.

Then we went to Bello to get some dessert (Mars Bar Cheesecake & God Father pt. 1) and it was so yummmmerrrs. Much better than dinner ;D Then went home and watched catch-up episode of Master Chef!

OMFG. FARROUT HOW ANNOYING. I just spent all morning uploading photos from my phone onto my computer so that I can upload them on FB and do you know what happens?!?!?!? FB KEEPS GOING "UPLOAD FAIL TRY AGAIN"
off. JEEEZZ ANNOYING much!!!

I just wasted my whole morning.

Anyway gtg out to study cbfcbfcbfcbfcbfcbf.