Sunday, May 31, 2009
"We don't hate you because of your race, we hate you because you're a money-grubbing DICKHEAD!" - Rove on his show tonight.

OMG I want to be the first 50 buyers tomorrow morning for Defqon tickets omg. Only problem is I'm going to be on my way to uni at 9am tomorrow morning, so I hope Jingi wakes up and buys them in time. wooooooooooo. So exciting.

Lang just showed me the Ticketek site for Defqon 1 and this is one of the conditions;
No-lad policy:
Lads and Lad clothing will not be allowed into the event.

Hahaha. How funny is that!!! I remember ages ago one Godspeed poster said "no polo hats allowed" because that's when lads first started hanging out and causing trouble.

ANYWAY I LOVE LADS. Vanessa saw this lad once who got a tattoo on the inside of his bottom lip and it said "COPS ARE PIGS" or something along the lines of that.

Oh and something else on Ticketek site:
Helicopter flight:

You can take a scenic helicopter flight over the Defqon.1 site and its surrounding areas.

I wouldn't go on that because it would cost heaps and I'm scared of heights but yeah that'd be pretty fun for other people!

I went to look at a Mini at Parramatta today and it was so cheap. 2005 model and it had only done 30000kms with leader seats and rear parking sensor etc etc. BUT I made an offer and this other guy made a higher offer so that pissed me off a little bit :( But I told the seller my offer still stands so hopefully the other will back off and I can get my cute yellow car =)