Monday, June 08, 2009

Last night my friend and I were just sitting in the car at Bankstown maccas carpark trying to figure out what we could do at 1am on a public holiday morning. Then these asians in 5 cars (wrx, s15 and an evo) just drive in and they park right next to each other when there was parking everywhere in the carpark. Anyway and I was thinking to myself.... I bet they're going to get out and start taking photos of their cars! Why else would you line it up like that right? And I was right. Loooooool. Anyway so I offered to take a photo for them using their phone and then we got back in the car.

Like 10 minutes later, they start pumping out trance and all gather in a circle and they start gabbering and shuffling. I am not joking!!! Random right?

Anyway this is the photo I took with my phone--

Nice cars thought! Quality is pretty terrible but one guy had the maddest car and it was yellow and his number plate was BUMBLEB wooooooot. Pretty cool.