Monday, June 01, 2009
One of the Vuitton girls sent me a message last night, I replied. She sent me another one today. But I couldn't read it because it was too long. So I just skimmed an deleted. But I think the gist was...

"Sisi you missed the point. I don't want to hear from you again [insert another 500 words about something]. I don't care what you think & what you say doesn't bother me. [insert 500 words.]I have a right to confront you about you "Talking shit about me." I have a right to explain my side of the story. Sisi you are hypocritical. [another 500 words]."

What an imposition to make on me. I post on my blog which is available for all, but no one has to read it. So yes she had a right to share her opinion about my opinion but she can't just do it on her own blog or something right? And hope it comes back to me. If I wanted to know her full opinion on me and what I do and why I blog... I would've asked her privately on facebook (like how she found me and then called me a stalker lol):

Hi there. Can you tell me why you like to associate yourself with high-end luxury brands that you supposedly hate? Can you also give me your opinion as to why I post blogs? And can you tell me why you think you are being original, creative and fun... even though like 3 other people have the same sort of Fb name as you?

But I didn't do that. So yeah. Nor do I have comments on my blog because I'm trying to send this message out: I am a hypocrite... and what? I can say whatever the hell I want. And I don't care what you think. The sky is black. The sea is yellow. I am caucasian. If you want to disagree with me... get your own blog. And I'll go read it when I have time.