Friday, June 19, 2009

I have been sleeping at like 4-5am all week (either cause I'm studying or because I get home at this time) and then wake up in the afternoon :( Not productive at all.

I got home Thursday morning at like 4am and the slept. Woke up today at about 2 or 3pm and did nothing until 8pm. Then I started studying and listening to ilectures whilst bludging on Facebook and wasting my life on that stupid site. Until 3am! And I just came out of the shower and I'm about to head off to sleep.

But I was going to sleep early today because I had a day shift tomorrow at work (10am start) and I was going to try and set my sleeping pattern back to normal. BUT MY SHIFT WAS CHANGED TO THE NIGHT ONE (5:30pm) so now I am just fucked.

Jamie was online today and sent me some old pictures HAHAH so funny. Gosh I was such a douche bag!!! I will post them up tomorrow or something, if I wake up early enough before work.