Sunday, June 21, 2009
So tired. But did nothing today.

Got up at 3pm and had a shower and got ready. Then Jingi came to pick me up and took me to uni so I could borrow these books for my exam on Wednesday. Since we were already at Kensington anyways, we decided to go to Bondi to watch Year One and eat at Hurricanes.

Well first of all the movie did not live up to my expectations, and it's not like I had really high expectations in the first place. Because on Wednesday we watched Hangover which was REALLY funny. So effing random and so funny. Such an original idea for a movie!!! And before that we watched Terminator and before that it was Star Trek and before that it was Wolverine. So that's probably why Year One wasn't that good.

At the cinemas we came across the fucking rudest person ever. We were designated seat 24 and 23. But the whole row was empty so we just sat down anywhere. Then these 4 people came along and looked at the seats (obviously we were sitting in their seats) and we were about to move when this bitch just yells (the movie had already started) "NO THEY'RE SITTING IN OUR SEATS. I WANT THIS SEAT!" Her friend then goes "Omigosh J__ that was so loud." To which the idiot replies "I don't care! I paid money for these seats!!!!"

Like what? And we didn't pay for seats? You paid the same as us! And we were going to move anyway. If all your friends can be polite and ask us to move over, why the fuck can't you? Jeez worst attitude.

When the lights came on after the movie, I turned to see her and she was an aboriginal person. NOT that that has to do with anything. But isn't it funny how all three of her friends were just polite about it, and they weren't aboriginal. And she was the rudest person I've encountered all week and she happened to be aboriginal. Y'KNOW? And I hate to be racist and all... and I'm not actually. I'm not saying ALL ABORIGINAL PEOPLE ARE FAT AND RUDE. No what I'm saying is: When you act up like that, it doesn't give anyone a good impression of you and it doesn't help your cause. I don't understand how they can want to break stereotypes and whatnot but then go and act up like that. Stupid really.

Dumb ass.

And on her seat there was popcorn on the chair, the left over popcorn spilled over the floor, the box on the floor. Her drink on the floor. etc etc. How disrespectful is that? You don't have to throw the popcorn in the bin but don't spill it out of its box on the floor - that is just unnecessary right?!

Anyway after the movie we drove to Bondi Beach which included me getting out at Shell to ask for directions once and then getting lost again and Jingi having to get out at Mobil to ask for directions for the second time. HEHEHE. But finally got there and got takeaway because normally I just eat it on the beach. BUT TODAY IT WAS RAINING soooo we took our ribs and salad back to uni and ate it at Red Centre :D

Very random night.

Study time :)