Monday, July 13, 2009
Promises, they break before they're made.

It's been quite a long time since I've blogged, because it's the holidays and I've been working hard and playing harder. And now the holidays are almost over and uni is looming on the horizon. I am stressing out! I have to deal with another 12 weeks of hell before I get another break. Very very very very unhappy and definitely not looking forward to starting Semester 2, 2009.

I got my results back and I'm happy with them. All four subjects were between 80-85 this semester which is term wam 82. I'm going to try and stay on par or above next semester but it's going to be soooooooooooo hard. Uni never gets any easier, EVER!

On Saturday we went to Lowenbrau at The Rocks to celebrate Dickson's 20th birthday. $67 platter which we were told, serves two... but not two normal people, two carnivorous Bavarians! The platter had roast pork knuckle, roast pork belly, 3 types of sausages, chicken schnitzel, big pieces of home-made spam and roast pork. The only Non-meat product on the platter was the Saukerat (nfi what it is, so don't ask but it wasn't meat!) and the mashed potato. So obviously Jingi and I did not finish our platter. Lol I don't think we even got through half. Had some mango beer and some shots. Ate the birthday cake from Guylian OMG SO NICE. So worth $60 something dollars that it cost. Lol Jingi said we can buy it next time, just to eat by ourselves - for no special occasion. That is how nice it was :D I rarely want second servings of birthday cakes.... but Saturday night. YUMMERS! Went to Sharkies and then it was home time.

Jingi also vomitted A LOT outside Capitol lololololol. It was so gross. I had my back to him and I could just hear the splatter as his vomit hit the floor.

This week I'm working every night except Tuesday night when I'm going to BUNGALOW 8 at King St wharf with Nessa! What else needs to be done this week?
[+] Watch Harry Potter
[+] Watch Bruno
[+] Watch Coraline
[+] Get L's
[+] Do Tax Return
[+] ...Make the most of what remains of the holidays!? *BiggestFattestSigh.