Monday, August 10, 2009
I was going to upload a photo from my phone BUT I'M TOO LAZY & IT'S TOO COLD. Plus my hair is dry now so I can sleep.

I watched Watchmen tonight (????????????????)

So is that the weirdest movie in the world OR WHAT? Weirdest. Did not understand a single thing and I was actually concentrating because I heard it was a good movie. :/ Should have watched The Legend of Chun Li instead.

Anyway I've got this song stuck in my head, it was playing on the radio tonight. But I like have NFI who it's by.... I googled the lyrics and it says it's by Green Day. But I tried to youtube it and I couldn't find it. WHATSEVER.

It goes like this ---

Nobody likes you
Everyone left you
They're all out without you...
Having fun!!!!

Omg another week of uni.

By the way, in Watchmen there's this line where John says to that girl "Let's go to Defqon 1" NO JOKE!? BAHAHAHA. Jingi and I were just like: GO WHERE?!

Ok not funny goodnight yallllllllll