Tuesday, August 11, 2009
I was wondering if you've changed,
I hope that you've grown... Won't you let me know?
If you're wondering why I'm not making a fuss... I guess I'm over us.

Heard this song on the radio tonight. I LOVE THE RADIO woooohooo.

Anyway I'm going for my L's tomorrow. I better pass


Jingi and I went to eat laksa today at Chinatown and I have officially decided that I don't like laksa. I ONLY LIKE LAKSA in Continental Cup-a-soup. But the real thing isn't that great! Then I gambled $20 and got a 50cent feature I AM NOT JOKING. That is my worst feature yet because at least on dragons you start off with $1.25 or whatever.

YOYOYOYO. Goodnight !!!