Sunday, August 16, 2009
Just waiting for my hair to dry so I got nothing to do but blog...

In no particular order:

[] I really need a haircut.

[] I ate really nice Japanese food tonight with Jingi at this place his friend recommended. Apparently the owner is so good at choosing fish that other seafood restaurant owners hire him to choose their fish too! Hehe. Anyway it was really yum! Jingi got the sashimi which I did not eat because I don't eat raw fish. I got a grilled whole rainbow trout which was super nice.

[] I watched The Legend of Chun Li LOL? She can't even speak chinese omg so stupid. I only liked the blonde dude... Bison! He was the only developed character in the film. Plus the cop woman was the most retarded character - absolutely pointless!!! For those who have seen the movie, I know you know what I'm talking about.

[] Tomorrow I'm going to Nick's Seafood to eat $25.50 unlimited ribs & fish. =O Worth it right? Will let you all know if it was worth it or not! Because unlimited things generally means crap, right?

[]Also found out about $25 sushi buffet lunch at Kobe Jones this week! I must must must find a day to go soon yay. So exciting.

Hair's dry! Bye!