Thursday, August 13, 2009
OKOKOK I GOT MY L'S yesterday!! I'm so happy :)

After uni, Jamie and I went to the City and Lachie picked us up from Central and drove to Bankstown. Alex and Jamie's cousin Taka came as well so that put a lot of pressure on me to pass my Drivers Knowledge Test. WHICH I DID =D Then we all went to eat pho and Ben came as well after he finished uni. wooooooots!!!

Yummmm food. Then went to uni today soo effing tired. Jamie told us we were going to go Sushi buffet @ Sushi choo for his cousin's farewell. But we lost the booking because someone else booked it for 80 people. Anyway so Jamie made a reservation at Slip Inn at the Garden bar because he gets half price food there. ANYWAY so Jingi and I paid $40 (which meant we could order $80 worth of food) and we got:

Crying tiger (250g rump steak in thai sauce with salad) - entree
Salt and pepper calamari - entree
Fillet of beef, beer-battered onion rings and garlic mash - main
Classic fish and chips and hand cut chips - main
Shoestring fries + saffron aoli - side
Wedges - side

THE.FOOD.WAS.SO.NICE. I think I just had the best steak ever it was so perfectly cooked!! So tender and everything. And it was a good cut of meat without that yucky fat/muscle on the outside. Anyway so no one finished their food obviously! Because it was so cheap and so we ordered way way too much =D


By the way has everyone heard that Kobe Jones has a $25 all-you-can-eat lunch sushi buffet? THAT IS INSAAAAAANE. I want to go!!! =D

Ok this post was all about food. AND ABOUT HOW I GOT MY L'S AND I RULE.