Saturday, August 08, 2009
On Friday night, Jingi and I went to eat dinner at Ichi ban (3 times in two weeks!) and the soup was not very nice. So neither of us finished our food or were satisfied. We were walking to The Vault Hotel for Sel and Minna's farewell party.... but decided to go to Max Brenner near Wynyard first :D Ordered a choco-banana pizza, Max's white chocolate chai tea and a Thick italian hot chocolate. IT WAS SO YUMMERS. But we were too full to finish all the pizza :( What a waste. We had like half of it.

...My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it (L).

Then we walked aaaallllll the way back to The Vault and had a few drinks and caught up with everyone. OMG it was really fun? No one got tragic. It was just happy times all night! Even when everyone went outside at 12am, we were just standing around and taking photos / doing stupid shit lolololololol. WHAT A BLAST!!!!

Then I went home to sleep and woke up early this morning to go to State library. So boring. FML. I never get to sleep in EVER!!! Afterwards I went to Jingi's house and we were going to go watch Red Cliff but it was too cold. So Tony and Sel came over and we watched the movie, Push instead. Dakota Fanning is in it and so is Camille Belle (I am in looooooove with her by the way). That's pretty much it.

And State Library again tomorrow lolololol. FUN FUN FUN FUN :@