Sunday, August 23, 2009

Woke up at 9am with PURE WILL POWER this morning. Yes on a Saturday. Yes this is from someone who likes to wake up at 5pm!!!! Best believe it. Then I went to Fisher Library and spent all day photocopying things thanks to DAVID AND HIS UNLIMITED CREDIT COPY CARD!!! =D

Then went to Strathfield and ate Korean BBQ with Jingi and Nick. We ate at Bassim and they've got this thing (called Cracking Pork marinated in spicy sauce) which I've never seen at any other Korean BBQ and it's soooooooooooooooo yum. After dinner Jingi and I went to Epping then to Macquarie and watched DISTRICT 9. OMG HOW AWESOOOOOME. You know the movie is good when it's about prawns and it still manages to make you want the prawns to win over the human race. HOW CUTE IS THE PRAWN KID? When he's like "I like you. We're the same!" And that guy goes "WE ARE NOT THE SAME!!!" Bahahaha. But he loses because in the end he is the same.

Also saw two good trailers
1) Shutter Island
2) 2012

HECTIC OMG. SO MUCH uni work to do I might die soon.