Thursday, September 10, 2009
I am not your rolling wheel. I am the highway.

Oooooomg what a long day I have had. Went to the City at like 1:30pm before work to have a look at DJs (just got a $50 gift card from work yayayayay. Jingi got one too and I'm hoping I can scab both muahaha!!) to check if the OPI stand had any polish from the matte collection. UMM BUT THEY DIDN'T AT ALL. So that was fail and wasted my time.

DJs is also having some kind of flower exhibition on the make-up / perfume floor and there were sooo many old people walking around taking photos of the "Australian" flowers i.e. the Warratah?!?!? LIKE REALLY? That flower is so fugly it's not funny. Hahahaha. Okokok I'm just being cranky because OPI stand had like 10000000000 nail polishes and 99999999 are the same color with a different name - BUT NO MATTE ONES. rage!!

Then I walked back to Greater Union to wait for my dumbass boyf who always comes late to everything lolololol and we watched Taking Pelham 123 which is a pretty good movie if you're into that. But I like LESS TALKING MORE SHOOTING more DOMO. Maybe it was because I watched The Punisher 2 yesterday which was so fucking epic and domo that Pelham just pales in comparison. But whatevz it was still a pretty good movie.

Then went to eat AND THEN WENT TO WORK.

Can you believe I did ALL of this before work??? =D

Now I'm home and ready to sleep so I can wake up tomorrow and drag Jingi along with me to go to USYD library and photocopy heaps of books and stuff :):):) *Phhewww what a busy week I've had! What kind of fucking holiday is this???

Oh well there will be a BETTER holiday starting from September 19th DEFQON IS NOW IN 9 DAYS ESHAYS!!!