Sunday, September 27, 2009
I had work today from 1pm - 5:30pm and it was so fun!! I love working on Sundays! I think from now on when I have a super busy week and I can't do any weeknight shifts... I just want to work Sunday! Maybe it was awesome today because these were the people working and sitting right next to me: Alice, Cacie, Jingi and Nick!!! And we decided to go fruit picking in the summer holidays in Regional NSW! I think it will be so fun :D Getting paid by the bucketload... I want to pick lychees or blueberries or strawberries. YUMMM!

After work I made Jingi eat ramen with me at Gumshara inside Eating World food court. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It is like the best ramen I have ever had I'm not even joking. The soup is like so thick and tasty... my lips always getting sticky after eating it. But don't take my word for it, either try it or just google it and see the reviews for yourself. YUMMERS. I ate this like twice this week :S I have a feeling everytime I'm hungry and I'm near China Town = Gumshara!!!

Just realised that it is almost the end of September which means there's actually only 3 full months and a bit of 2009 left. WOW THIS YEAR WENT BY SO FAST?! Jamie has organised road trip to the Gold Coast near the end of November. I am so glad :D Cause I wanted to take Jingi to Gold Coast for this whole year.... But we've been too lazy to organise it and now someone else has organised it for us. Plus I'd rather go in a group anyway because I don't go on rides :I and if it was just Jingi and I..... well hahahaha. He'll have to go on the rides by himself!

So once Gold Coast has been crossed off the list (cause Jingi's never been before WTF) that means next on the list will be: MELBOURNE! Wooohooo. We were meant to go in July this year but due to UNFORESEEN circumstances, we had to forget about it. But hopefully we can save up during the holidays and go for his birthday? PERHAPS? :D

Mmmm. I feel like Gumshara ramen now :S :S

Leave it on a final note:

Jealousy is a terrible disease... Get well soon!!