Sunday, September 13, 2009
I wanted to be with you alone... to talk about the weather.

Uni is starting again and then DEFQON 1 is now in 6 more days OMG WOOHOOO so exciting :) :)

Friday I went to have lunch with Vanessa at Ashfield (Shanghai Night)!! Yum yum. Then went to Pumpkin and chilled there for a bit. Then Vanessa left so I chilled with some other friends at Strathfield Hotel. Ended up having an early night because I needed to wake up early on Saturday morning to get my RCG.

Anyway 7am Saturday morning Jingi messages me and says his mum doesn't want him to get RCG or work in pokies/gambling places.... soooo we decided to just eat breakfast at Strathfield and then go to Parramatta Eckersleys. ANYWAY we got to Strathfield at like 8:55am (so freaking early) and had big breakfast at The Beauty and The Beast yum yum.

Then studied all day at Jingi's house and slept over. Woke up today and went to Strathfield AGAIN and ate a waffle and the shaved ice + red bean and fruits thing. Yum... :S At The Beauty and The Beast!! WTH I've been there 3 times in 3 days roffles :)