Monday, September 21, 2009
On Friday there was a pre-Defqon BBQ at Adro's house so that everyone could just go to Defqon in the morning. (He lives 2 stations away from Penrith.)

Then my friend kept saying things like, "You can blog about this!" throughout the night. Lololol then I realised I have been so committed to this thing. I have been posting (through Livejournal, Blurty then Blogspot) since I was 13 years old. That is a loooooong time ago =O

The gross thing is... all these posts are available in archives (cause I was ashamed I had to hide them from public) :S But I'm wayyy too chicken to look over them LOL especially the OnEs whErE i Was StiLL tyPiNg lyk Dis? ??? ???

People have given all sorts of reasons as to my blogging... such as me being self-absorbed or insecure etc etc. Probably! But sometimes I go back like a year and read things and it's pretty interesting. I think this is the best way to remember things.


Today I finished my 12-2pm class (when I made my other post) and a) I was just so CBF uni and b) Nick's first day at work and he didn't know how to get there c) I wanted to eat "best ramen in Sydney."

Soooooo we negotiated. He came to pick me up from ASB and we went all the way to the ramen that is apparently "chronic" and it doesn't fucking open on MONDAYS?!?!?!?! OMG when I saw the Closed sign... I am telling you.... I wanted to die. I jigged 3 hours of uni for WHAT? For nothing. Well in the end... we went to Market City foodcourt and ate shit ramen and nice ice kacang. Then went to work and parked outside and waited.... waited..... waited... for parking.

Then he goes to work and I go home only to realise I'M EFFING CAPPED. It's only 21st September oh myyyyyyyyy gottttt. 9 more days of being capped :( Can't even catch up on my ilectures. Realised I probably would have had more fun at work. Lololol

Such an unproductive week. By the way, today is the FIRST DAY of semester 2 that I have jigged at ALL. Man Defqon screwed up my 100% attendance streak. Ehhhhh worth it but :D

So I messaged Jingi and told him we have to go eat this chronic ramen :) SO EXCITED. Wednesday!!!