Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Today does NOT feel like a Tuesday!

I finished uni at 12pm and normally I go straight home. But today I studied at the library for a bit and then Joseph, Jamie and I had dinner at Hemisphere. OMG..... I think I have a girl crush on every girl that Jamie works with lololol. They are all glaaaaamz. And they have a bar of Bvlgari hand-soap at every sink at the toilet. I was going to take one as a souvenir....Rofl :D The toilet smells SO nice, it was like incense... but not the cheap ones that are over powering.

This is what we ate (everything half price because Jamie works there)
- Sashimi (large size)
- Beef Tataki (main size)
- Dragon roll (main size)
- Grilled miso cod fish (main size)
- Wagyu beef (main size)

Plus I had a lotus martini which is a drink I've never heard of before but was made by the bartender who won bartender of the year award!! He recommended it for asian girls and OMG it was so nice. If I didn't have uni tomorrow I would have ordered 100 of them and just got blind drunk. SOOO YUM. Then there was the complimentary dessert which I don't know the name of. But it was so nice that I ate my own and Jamie's too. =D


Normally dinner for me takes 1 hour max. Time to deicde what I want to eat, time for them to cook it, then I eat it and go outside for a cigarette. The concept of time tonight was totally different.

We got there at about 6:30pm. Got drinks, went outside and chilled. Went inside and ate the first "Entree" dishes and then went outside and chilled. Went back inside and ate one main then ordered the cocktail and beers and went outside again. Went back inside and ate the other main. Then went outside and had dessert. Until 9pm!!! That is one long dinner but it felt so short because the place was so interesting.

Like the cigar cabinet on display of the most expensive cigars ever. Then there was the Moet cabinet display.... And Jamie said they used to have a drink on the menu. Guess how much it was? $20000 for a bottle. TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A BOTTLE. Oh myyyyy.

By the way... today was study fail though. I did not even achieve 10% of what I wanted to do. Very disappointed in self. BUT HAD AN AWESOME DINNER. Worth it!!!