Tuesday, October 06, 2009
I am such an idiot. My phone has been acting up for ages and I'm always talking about how I want to change to 3 as soon as my plan with Soul is over right? This whole time I thought my plan expired in October/November this year...

Today I call up Soul to find out when exactly my plan expires and I'm told it expired 16th July 2009. LOL :(

I was so excited because my phone broke last night and I was planning on going to Bankstown today to get a white iphone from 3. BUT I CALL UP THE 3 STORE main national number and the voice mail is like "All 16 and 32g iphones are out of stock." SO SAD.

Why oh why didn't I check when my plan expired earlier... could've had the iphone ages ago. BAH :( Now I'll have to be on waiting list.