Wednesday, October 07, 2009
WOOHOO. Forget the post I made yesterday.

About 10 minutes after I typed that up, I decided to call up every single 3 stockist in Bankstown and finally found one which had the white 16gig 3GS AWESOME!!! I freaking love Bankstown! Nothing is ever sold out here because people are poor, kidding (sort of).

So I told them to keep it, went straight there and signed up to the $49 cap with 3 and NOW I HAVE AN IPHONE!!!!

Can't get over it. Then went to the Apple store in CBD after uni today and got a air jacket lolol (sounds cool right, but it's pretty ordinary)! Ate at Ichi Ban with Jingi and came home to find that MY MASTERCARD CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!

=D Money spending tiiiime!!


P.S. Just bought my first application on the Apple store. This is my first transaction with my new mastercard. EEEEEEEKKKK $1.19