Wednesday, November 04, 2009
Threw an all nighter on Sunday night with Jingi and handed in my last two 3000-500 word assignments and FINISHED SEMESTER TWO 2009.

Felt freaking awesome at having nothing to do and no more deadlines to meet. All I have to do now is work work work make money money money work work and play :D So awesome right?

On Monday I went home and had major withdrawl symptoms from having nothing to do. And because I seem to be the only one already on holidays and thus, I have no one to play with :( I was soooo bored that I went and downloaded the course outlines for the 4 subjects I have to do next year. YES WTF? I even wrote down the required reading list and looked for them on the Bankstown Library online catologue.

Lol. I might go and get ahead on some reading during the holidays for my subjects next year because WHY NOT? Get ahead and have less stress next semester. =)

Today I woke up at 8:45am and it was so effing hot so I had to turn on the aircon and go to my mum's room (which is on the better side of the house - no direct sunlight) and slept until 1pm. Woke up. Now I am up to date with this seasons House, Gossip Girl and How I met your mother. :S Sad right? I've also picked up reading One Piece from where I left off (currently at chapter 191).

At about 8pm I went to Bankstown for coffee with a friend and then ended up at Bankstown sporties and had a beer. THIS IS WHERE THE STORY GETS GOOD! We went inside to play a bit of pokies for fun and we both won $320!! WOOHOO =D With just $20. Everything I touch turns to gold I'm not even joking. The other day I got $160 on a 30 cent feature! :) And I put in another $5 and got 4 features (none of them were over $10 though) and walked out with another $40. I AM THE BEST.

I'm quitting while I'm ahead!

Goodnight xx