Weekend before road trip
Monday, November 30, 2009
While other people were at Stereosonic...(Saturday)

Boyf picked me up at Bankstown and we B'ed at the car park, in the car while it was 36 degrees outside. Then went to eat at Pho an. B'ed more then went to Woolworths and I tried this new drink: Preshafruit Royal Gala! It's perfect apple juice, and I don't normally like apple juice at all. (Later that day I also bought a bottle of the apple&strawberry and granny smith as well.)

Then went back to Epping to pick up Jon. Dcp. Then drove to Manly for free Ben&Jerry's ice cream. I got Phish food, Jingi got coffee buzzbuzzbuzz and Jon ate cookies n cream.

...B'ed more before eating Crust pizza (peri peri) at Balgowlah. I LOVE peri peri pizza! So great.

Gold coast in 4 days time which is something to look forward to :)

I need to start using the iPhone camera more often.

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