On the train again
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
So the first and only highlight of my summer holidays was the road trip and that has come and gone already!

The boyf and and I made a lot of last minute plans. Like last minute we decided to go Draculas for a show and dinner (on Alice's recommendation/nagging) and it was so interesting! The food wasn't nice though but everything else was fantastic.

Another last minute thing we did was decide to take a 2 hour detour to NIMBIN (weed capital of Australia). I understand why this place has been left alone for so long... Because it is in the middle of nowhere! People who live Nimbin say it switches from feeling like living in a utopia, and feeling like it's a dystopia.

In Nimbin there was a HEMP EMBASSY which Jingi and I explored! It's basically a shop which blatantly supports the legalization of marijuana. They even have a booklet for $5 which is basically excerpts of legislation followed by advice on what to do when dealing with police. It outlined some of the most common errors that people make when police are questioning them.

I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT! Not because I want to get away with having drugs, but because some of the things in there... Are things that I think every person who's been fucked around with the police should know.


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