Happy birthday Lachie
Saturday, January 16, 2010
Went out to city for the first time since November. Had dinner with David, Jingi and Jono at Gumshara before heading to Charlie Chan's to wait for Lachie with Ben and Alex. Woooo so good to see everyone :D

Anyway as I told David and Ben tonight... I'm having some major self esteem issues. Imagine if you knew a girl that was just like you but BETTER.

I know this girl and people think we look similar except she's skinnier, taller, richer, more talented, has nicer hair, nicer clothes and just overall.... Better in every aspect! It shits me.

I have this little rule that everytime I feel jealous of someone... I think of something that I am better at than they are. Only this time it doesn't work because she is just like a better version of myself.

Okay now I'm over it...

She's a fragile girl, skin like porcelain. Shame on you if you would hurt her. She's adorable oh so vulnerable I WISH THAT SOMEBODY WOULD DROP HER!!!!