Friday, January 01, 2010
HAPPY NEW YEAR. Last night Jingi and I weren't planning to watch the fireworks but after having a BBQ at David's house, we watched Fantastic Mr Fox which was so short... Came out of the cinemas at 9pm and decided to see the fireworks.

So we googled the vantage points for Sydney NYE fireworks and then used maps in iphone to find locations / backstreets that are close to the fireworks but won't be road blocked! Drove to Mosman, Cremorne etc etc and in the end we watched the fireworks from Queenswood School for Girls tennis courts!! Woooo best view in the house, not to mention we were the only two people up there!

Here are some photos from the road trip....

On the way to/from Nimbin and had to wait for all these cows to cross lol.

WELCOME TO NIMBIN aka Hemp central of Australia (?)

Happy High Herbs and my favourite... BRINGABONG! Hahaha~

Kerry's SLR camera effects and Jamie writing 2009 with lights.

Holiday house at Surfers Paradise.

Taking a break from driving... Yojun looking YOUNG AND DANGEROUS bahaha.

Lighthouse with trippy lights.

Drinking frangelico & milk out of a cookies n cream SIPAHH straw =)

Driving in 40 degrees weather without aircon because we were already running on emergency tank for fuel from the night before. This is when we were needing to go petrol station ASAP.

Eating lunch at some cafe when we first got to Surfers Paradise. First proper meal in a couple of days =)

Wet n Wild water world! Jamie and Sisi

All me =D

Aww <3 Stupid hair.