Tuesday, February 02, 2010
At work yesterday we were talking about that self-cleaning hair thing that you always hear about i.e. Don't wash your hair for 6 weeks and your hair will begin to watch it out.

I've always wanted to try it but never been brave enough and now I've been dared to do it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I just did a quick google search and on Wikihow "How to get Self-Cleaning Hair: 5 steps" makes it seem pretty easy.
1) Lose shampoo and conditioner
2) Be patient - 6 weeks for natural balance of oils to be restored. The worst will come in week 3 and 4.
3) Rinse thoroughly - use hot water to wash excess oil/dirt and cold water to make it shiny.
4) Brush your hair regularly with scalp brushes
5) Don't be self conscious - if you wash it with water it will not smell or look dirty. Shouldn't be noticeable.

WELL THAT SOUNDS EASY RIGHT? I'm going to give it a go :) See how long I can last. I washed my hair today with just water and feeling pretty good so far but it's like day 1 lol

If this works I will do the thing where you can sleep for 20 minutes every 2 hours in a day. Einstein did it. It's been proven to work. AND NO MORE WASTING TIME SLEEPING.