Friday, February 26, 2010
I haven't hated anything for a while... But I fucking hate East Ocean Restaurant.
东海酒店 which is located 1/421-429 Sussex St Haymarket NSW 2000.

Perfect example of an arrogant and snotty Chinese restaurant that has a) forgotten its roots and b) almost predominantly only caters for caucasian customers.
So yes I get it... the white business men on the next table are idiots and don't get the concept of yumCHA at all and are willing to fork out money for the ridiculously priced beer at 2pm in the afternoon. Yes they will order the soft-shell crab while the Chinese folk in the room think "CRAB? FOR LUNCH? THA FUCK?" So what?

So the workers at East Ocean either ignore, or treat like shit, the people who they deem to be unworthy of their service. Meanwhile they practically get on all fours to service the Anglo Saxon part of the room. YES IT IS TRUE!

I had to order today to FOUR FUCKING DIFFERENT PEOPLE. And in the end I was still missing a har gow which I KNOW for a fact is something that can be readily pre-made and kept in those little steaming baskets for a long time. So I said to the FOURTH waiter... forget it get me my bill I'm going. I'm not waiting ANYMORE. Particularly because the Anglo table on my right had come in about 30 minutes after us and ordered after us... had got their food in about 10 minutes. And they ordered shit like XIAO LONG BAO which should take time to actually make because they have to make it to order. And the waiter happily obliged, got me the bill and threw it on my table and not apologised ONCE. To be honest after explaining my problem to all those different people I DID NOT GET AN APOLOGY ONCE.

Oh and guess what? They charged us $2.50 for tea PER PERSON which defeats the purpose of yumcha because most places don't charge for tea at all. On top of that I wasn't asked which tea I wanted like at every other Yumcha restaurant. And NOT ONCE did they come to fill up our fucking tea pot.

Pretentious and fucked up. Believe me I am not the only person who's experienced bad service at East Ocean when they've arrived with asians but received exceptionally good service when they are with caucasians. So this is my advice to you: If you are planning to go to East Ocean (why would you anyway? The food is overpriced and the price is not justified - you'd be so much better off going to Hurstville) then go with a few Anglo Saxons in the group if you want to be treated with respect. Otherwise don't bother.

They don't have an option on their website for feedback and their website is so fucking full of shit. So I had to go to "make a reservation" and give them a piece of my mind. No one there will read it anyway but I feel better =)