Monday, March 08, 2010
Why do you have to put your hand up in lectures to ask irrelevant and/or stupid questions and/or questions with very obvious answers? Do you simply like the sound of your own voice? Because the other 200 people in the theatre DO NOT!

Why do you have to put your hand up in lectures to question the lecturer's materials and argue with him or question his expertise? Don't you think there is a reason that he is up there speaking and you are sitting in the front row listening? Do you really think you've raised a brilliant point that the lecturer hasn't thought of or heard before?

Why do you have to ask a million questions in tutorials that have been answered in lectures already? Why can't you attend and listen to lectures? Please don't ask questions if the answers can be found in the course outline just because you are too lazy and/or stupid to look in it.

No one thinks you're smart. Everyone except yourself hates the sound of your voice and wishes you were ill for the rest of the semester just so we don't have to listen to your voice in every lecture and tutorial.

Save everyone's time and just email the lecturer. Then maybe we could finish classes on time for once!