Sunday, March 07, 2010
I went to watch Alice in Wonderland 3d on Thursday with my boyf.

It was amazing, I do not understand for one second how it got such bad reviews. Read the review of it in the Sun-Herald today and it was a complete load of rubbish. Apparently it wasn't dark enough to be like the other Tim Burton movies which I think is good because it shows that he is dynamic and flexible. Besides, the movie does have its darker sides... its a lot darker than the other Alice in Wonderland movies.

And I love how Burton made it into a transformation, not just an adaptation of the book. It follows an unfamiliar plot to the book and previous movies, yet it still manages to make sense in the end. It was because of this that I didn't feel the book was better than the movie, which is normally the case. THE MOVIE IS DIFFERENT TO THE BOOK!

Without wanting to give too much away I guess I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the movie and I think a lot of other people will as well. Let us ignore the nasty critics who give this movie a bad rating because they are too busy comparing it with Burton's old movies, instead of appreciating it for what it is.