Sunday, March 14, 2010
Went out to City tonight for Pat's birthday at Mizuya Kareoke (where Maloneys used to be). It was pretty fun :) I think it is a mad place to have a birthday party especially if people are drinking because you can order food as well LIKE DEEP FRIED CAMEMBERT CHEESE. DONE AND DONE. Soooo yum.

Jingi also bought tickets to the 9:20pm session of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and we were sitting in the k having fun drinking and eating and then I turned to him and asked what time it was and asked him to keep an eye out on the time cause we don't want to miss our movie AND GUESS WHAT TIME THAT WAS? 9:23pm HAHAHA wow how lucky is it that I asked at THAT point. On our way out of the dungeon of Mizuya he told me he would never have thought to check the time ... See? I am amazing.

~~~~ Hopefully I'll be able to wake up early tomorrow and do my work =)