I miss you, fast Internet
Saturday, April 17, 2010
Younger siblings + school holidays. Do you know what that means? It means our internet is capped and it's only the 17th which means we have to use shitty slow Internet for the next 13 days.


I'm waiting for this video to loa and in one hour it has only loaded 1 minute and 42 seconds... Ok so I'm trying to watch it in HD which is not helping.

Went to CarLovers at Chatswood today and couldn't find the self serve bays?? Could only locate the four or five "laserwash" bays. That was a big waste of time!

Uni tomorrow even though I'm sick and my lymphanodes are swollen and ... It's 1:12am and I should be sleeping but I'm not because I want to watch this freaking video in HD before I sleep arghfjfnfnjg!!!!

In the mean time I've just been doing readings & taking au naturale luvos of myself hehe. Unfortunately ever since I've been off the pill my skin has been breaking out and I feel like my skin tone's gotten worse. Maybe I need to start wearing foundation :(