I'm going to Carlovers tomorrow!!
Thursday, April 15, 2010
I'm going to make my car sooo squeaky clean tomorrow when Jingi takes me to CarLovers woohoo.

Today my tyre light came out and you know Minis with their weird Run-flat tyres. Jingi and I went through the manual and couldn't understand why it was just lighted up (not beeping, not flashing... just LIT) so we drove to BMW at Darlinghurst and the service guy sorted it out for me really quickly. BUT THE SERVICE RECEPTION BITCH o m g what a fucking racist idiot dude. She must've been thinking, what are these two gook asians doing in this nice BMW dealership.

I wish I remembered her name just so I could lodge a formal complaint against her. You know those service people that are like really rude to one person and then SUPER nice to the next person - and you know they could have treated you better but they didn't because they don't think you were worth it? Well she thought I wasn't worth it.

Anywayyyyyyyyy sorry about the rant. What I really wanted to say was that BMW dealership IS SOOO NICE and the people are all so wonderful and nice!!! I want to work there actually :) But only if the service reception woman gets fired for being a fat ass.