Iron Man 2
Friday, April 30, 2010
Today was the best day. Glad I got out of bed :D

Ate fish and chips on Lyons street, Drummoyne (my fav fish and chips shop) in 20 minutes. Sped through peak hour traffic like crazy to get to the movie on time. Watched it with Jingi, Ben, David, Dickens, Pat and Joseph! IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD. I cannot wait for the Avenger movie !!!

Then after the movie we went to Pumpkin and met up with Tony to further discuss the movie.

During the movie this guy behind me kept making these excited remarks such as, "OMG THIS IS SOOO AWESOME," "that was EPIC!!!!" etc etc. I turned around to see who Ironman's biggest fan was.... There was a little boy with glasses sitting by himself commenting throughout the movie about HOW COOL IRONMAN WAS!

How cute is that? How could we not get caught up with the excitement with him sitting behind us!! Adorable :)