Welcome back internet
Thursday, April 01, 2010
1st April. April Fool's AND I turned my computer on and YES MY INTERNET IS BACK after being capped for like a week and a half. I have missed you my friend :)

I've just woken up and logged onto FB and found some disturbing shit. What is up with guys being bitches? SO UNMANLY!! SO YUCK!! Like "I love my so and so I can't do anything with you and I love you with all my heart / Without you in my life I don't think I can live." OH FOR PETE'S SAKON FB STATUS?! REALLY?

It is FACEBOOK and you are one half of the species that's meant to be stronger, braver and y'know in general... the 'better' half. But you choose to be a little crybaby.

I've been meaning to have a rant about this for a while but never found the time. BUT YEH it's just weird is it not? Like why would ANY GIRL want to date someone that soft and :S If my boyfriend wrote shit like that on my Facebook or on his Facebook about me OR even just acted like an overemotional PMSing woman, I would be so EMBARRASSED!

So I just don't understand why some girls AREN'T?