Friday, July 23, 2010
I had lunch with Shay today at The Renaissance Cafe at The Rocks! Quiche, creme brûlée, tea and macaroons. It was delicious but macaroons were more pricey than Adriano Zumbo but I feel Zumbo makes better macaroons. (My favorite macaroon so far is still Carre Noir in Mosman.)

We had a looong lunch and the weather this afternoon was beautiful. Then we went to Duty free shops because I wanted to show her the $700 LV Evidence sunglasses. Well they aren't as sexy on my face as I thought so I can take that off my Things-to-buy-when-I-win-the-lotto list :p

Creme brûlée at The Renaissance Cafe ($4.50 t/a and $5 eat-in)

Shay also gave me belated present(s): giant chuppa chup, rock lollies from Lygon St in Melbourne and a pearl bracelet from Oroton. "Other people should buy you pearls because if you buy it yourself it's bad luck."

I might smash it with a hammer and eat it in bits. Last time I tried to eat a lolly this big ... After about 10% my tongue started bleeding :S

Had such a nice day today.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch Inception.