Online shopping 2
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
I can't believe I'm sleeping so late tonight! WTF is wrong with me?

As title suggests... Been doing some more online shopping and I think I'm out of control! My internet is capped and it's sooo slow so I spent the last 6 hours browsing for things on asos.com and it takes forever to load a single page. But I persevered.......... For 6 hours!!!

I wish I had that kind of dedication for my uni work. I already have an assessment due next week (Week 3; worth 40%). Arrrggghhhhh what kind of BS is this? How can they ask us to do an assignment by week 3? I HAVEN'T LEARNT ANYTHING YET!! Geeeeez -_-"

I am feeling mega buyer's remorse at the moment. What happened to my usual tightass self?

Normally if I see something I like in shops I follow a rule my mum told me (for exxy items and anything more than $40 is exxy for me lol): Go home. Think about it. If I still want it in the morning and am willing to travel back to the store... Then I go an buy it because it isn't impulse buying. More often than not, I decide not to buy it :)


If I don't have enough dosh to buy plane tickets next week I am going to rage at myself a lot!

In addition to the stuff I'm already waiting to receive in the mail [previous post]... I'm now expecting another two packages;
1. A bling white rhinestone studded iPhone case from eBay which I don't know why I bought because it's kind of fobby... Very blingblingbling and unlike me.
2. Asos.com package for two dresses, a skirt, a cardigan and braza reveal sticky things for your nipples haha [so that if I ever buy anything backless and I don't want to wear a bra... Or if I'm wearing a very low cut top haha --- which isn't something I'm likely to do.]

DRIVING LESSON AT 11am tomorrow and then I will start my assignment tomorrow!