Thursday, July 29, 2010
I ordered some contacts from http://www.freshlooks.com.au and I ordered "True Sapphire."

When they arrived in the mail I realised THEY WERE BLUE!!! Gahhhh. What did I think sapphire meant?!!!??? Maybe brown or something. HOW DUMB AM I.


Why do I hate blue contacts? I pretty much define my teenybopper years on my BLUE contacts. So yeah it's kind of a shame thing... I thought I'd put it behind me with this:

a) Haduri & Webcamming b) Long straight hair, parted c) Blue contacts

"True Sapphire" this is me when I'm 21. Above picture I must have been 16 years old haha.


A random picture I took of myself on a cold cold winter's night while I was on the comp and super bored. Because I'm capped.

So yeah. I AM CAPPED. And I had to use my laptop to upload pictures to this blogpost.... and it took fucking forever. I think it actually took me 1 hour to do this post. =O

Was it worth it? Not sure.

Some days I think I was a bit better looking when I was young.... but meh y'know.

13 more days until I go for my P's OMG. PLEASE LET ME PASS FIRST GO PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!! :[