Real substance of character
Wednesday, October 13, 2010
1. When I was 18 I met a girl who changed the way I saw the world and myself. She showed me that being alone doesn't make you lonely. From her I finally learnt how to be myself with acceptance. She changed my life without even knowing it. She was unique and different from anyone that I had known in my life until that point. She taught me how to be an individual, showed me what it was really like to not care about other people's judgements. Every day I am thankful for her contributions to the person I am today. When she calls I would not ever screen it or not reply to her messages because every time I'm with her, I gain something new.

2. Today I met someone who appears to be complicated and interesting. Someone I knew I had to get to know. Not fake and not a simpleton. Every day I hear friends and strangers alike talking cheap talk and sticking their noses up like they are somehow better than others. Telling lie after lie after lie about how much substance they have, how thoughtful they are. Trying to convince the world around them and themselves that they are so deep and meaningful when in fact, it is all garbage. So I have to say it's such a breath of fresh air to meet someone who doesn't define themselves on how much money they will make in the future; someone who searches for meaning not friends; someone who wears their personality & wisdom not the best clothes that money can buy; someone whose presence alone will tell you that they know more than they will ever say.

3. I hope one day I can be someone who can affect people in this way. I hope I can live my life with pride and dignity so that all those around me will know that I am a person with substance, without me having to convince them with lies and exaggeration.