Monday, February 07, 2011
I used to think posting on a blog was second nature, because why wouldn't people want to read about me and my life?

Well I went overseas for 6 weeks without access to 'SOCIAL NETWORKING' and on my return I noticed it was all a little pathetic. No one is who they really are on the internet, it's a facade and persona everyone presents to their acquaintances... Everyone gets to be who they want people to think they are.

Either that or they really think people are interested in what they are doing.

So why did I spend so much of my time on a a website learning about other people's lives and interests. Did they deserve so much of my attention? No.

I feel like the world is going crazy with this social media. What is so social about it? All it does is create more gossip. The people who update their statuses relentlessly and like other people's posts the most are... How do I say it? They must be the nosiest people. NOSEY.

Why do you want to know so much about everyone's life? Why do you want to share so much of yours?