Saturday, March 12, 2011
What happened in Japan yesterday was a tragedy.

The updated death toll is now 600 confirmed dead and likely to surpass 1000 once they have accounted for the missing people.

I feel really sad tonight, and last night. My heart is heavy for all those people who tried to escape and were simply too late. My heart is heavy knowing that human life can be so small and that what we do to one another in wars and hatred, mother nature can do in a minute. My heart is too heavy tonight knowing that moments like these are beyond our control... I'm terribly sad for everyone who has lost someone as a result of this event.

The world is trying to make sense of what's happened, I'm trying to understand... None of this makes any sense!

What can make this right? The world is so chaotic right now. I'm so scared, like I've never been scared in my life. Afraid of what's to come and afraid that life might have no meaning....