Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian is a book well worth reading. I haven't finished it yet but I haven't been able to put it down either. I haven't come across a book this captivating for a long time. The purchase of this best seller also coincides perfectly with my car being at the panel beaters. They have had my car for a week and a half now and I should get it back on Friday. For the moment I have had the opportunity to take public transport and read!!

Over the weekend I had some personal dramas but they are resolved now. Sometimes I just think I need to take a breather from how serious I make everything out to be. Funny how I wasn't like that in high school and ever since I've left... My life feels like it's become progressively more serious, as if there weren't enough time for me to just sit back and enjoy my twenties. I find myself waking up in the night anxious that my life isn't at the point I expected it to be when I was 16 and because of that.,, I get an overwhelming sense of failure and pathos.

But. That was before and I'm making a conscious effort to just be a student for a little longer. I'm trying to be more carefree ...