3 month suspension
Saturday, April 16, 2011
In Australia we have this law regarding provisional drivers whereby if you get any speeding ticket you will be suspended for 3 months. Today I was clocked over the limit by a police officer going 80 in a 60 zone. I could have sworn I was going slower but you can't really argue with the police. He wrote me a ticket for $211 and told me after I paid it, the RTA would send me a notice of suspension for 3 months.

I started thinking... How long is 3 months? That's 12 weekends, that's an entire school term, that's one week short of an entire uni semester... In other words it's a slap in the face really. Public transport again, is that so bad? Up until 8 months ago... My entire life before that had been dependent on public transport- waiting for trains or buses that might often come late, was uncomfortable, inconvenient and so on. And in Australia - good luck getting home after 12am!

Then it got me thinking: well now I'll have time to read on the train, listen to music, study, sleep and so on during the long commutes. I will be able to drink when I went since I would never be designated driver. I won't have to look for parking! I will save money on petrol and well... It didn't seem so bad anymore.

Yes I will miss driving and the freedom and independence that comes with it.

I paid my fine IMMEDIATELY so it can get processed and the RTA (hopefully) will suspend me from mid-May until mid-July. There's a lot of things I'll now have to forego such as my pilates class at 8am Saturday mornings, going to the gym whenever I want! But I get to see interesting people on the train again, I get to make up stories for them, I plan on using the money I save on fuel on a book each week to read on the long commutes!!! It won't be so bad - actually I'm really looking forward to it :)