Monday, April 04, 2011
I ate too much KFC today. Heart doesn't feel right...

Anyway I'm really starting to stress the F out about my assessments and I'm only underloading this semester but I made a deal that to underload means to do my absolutely best for the few subjects I am taking on.

UM, so today I did my volunteer work that I do every Monday at this special school and I left so I could fit in gym before running home to 'study.' After gym I realised in 1 hour some bigass ibis took a dump on my car - LIKE A REALLY BIG SPLASH OF POOP - So I decided to wash my car.

After washing my car, for some reason, I really felt like Sweet potato chips at KFC so I went and got a Sweet Potato dinner meal at the drive-through on Canterbury road and THEN WTF HAPPENS? IT STARTS RAINING. After I just hand washed my car.


Went home, ate a lot of KFC and then I have done nothing since.