Where are they now?
Friday, December 28, 2012
Where are they now?

Where are the ones you used to call your closest friends? Where has life taken them and have they remain unchanged? Or have they, like you, grown into the person that most people expected them to become. The ones who were studious and ambitious are now chasing their careers. The ones who were always in love and boy crazy and dating are now engaged and starting their own families. The ones who always chased the finer things are now dating the rich boys that we always knew they would end up with.

Were there any unexpected surprises?

There was that boy you foolishly believed would never amount to anything... Maybe he became the most respected and successful one of all? Who's the lucky girl now who stands beside him, supporting and loving him? Well it could have been you.

Then there was that boy you loved with all your heart and soul. You gave it all to him and had he asked, you would have given more. Wasn't he dreamy? Remember the butterflies and anxiety you felt when you first found out that maybe, just maybe, he was interested in you too? Then remember how he shattered your heart and soul into a thousand little pieces and as you held your broken body together trying to salvage what dignity was left... He walked away and found a new doll to play with. Remember how you hated him, remember how you vowed that he would see that one day, it was his loss and not yours. Now you know that day never came and you soon forgot the vengeful promise you made. It stopped mattering anyway because he amounted to nothing spectacular and you don't need him to see that you could do better. You've learned to love yourself enough to realise that it doesn't matter why or how he could stop loving you, only that he stopped loving you, told you and gave you the chance to stop loving him too.

What about yourself?

Did you grow up to be everything you envisioned? Are you proud of your own achievements or disappointed at your deficits? Have you found real love, something you've been wholeheartedly seeking since the day you turned 14?